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The Home Improvements That You Shouldn’t Look To Make

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

We know that many of you will be looking ahead and putting plans in place to improve your home in 2021. 

In case you didn’t see it, have a read of our home trends blog of last month for some up-to-the-minute ideas you could incorporate into these plans. 

The ideas we outlined will enhance your home’s value, which should always be your primary target when making enhancements. 

What you don’t want is for any ‘improvements’ to not do that and actually cause damage to its value. 

Here’s a small selection of jobs that are known to often decrease value, just so you know:

Losing a bedroom

Do you have a spare bedroom in your house? If so, our guess is that you are using it as a storage space. You certainly won’t be the only person doing that. 

You’re best retaining it, however it’s being used, than knocking through the bedroom and permanently converting it into something else entirely. 

It won’t be in your favour to turn a 4-bedroom house into a 3-bedroom house as it could lessen buyer interest.


Doing too much re-carpeting

It’s understandable to want to re-carpet in any rooms where your current carpeting is worn or covered in immovable marks and stains. 

Go ahead and do this, but be wary of re-carpeting every single room with the same new carpet, unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

Our reason for saying that it is because your chosen carpet may not be liked by others as much as it is by you, and it’ll cost a lot to replace it all.

Carpeted area

Ripping out the lawn

Homes with gardens are highly sought after at the moment, and thank your lucky stars if you have an outdoor space you can enjoy. 

It would therefore be a mistake to lose your lawn, even if you do find it a massive chore needing to mow and manicure it every couple of weeks. 

Rather than dig the lawn up, you could switch it for artificial grass, which will look just as realistic and need a fraction of the maintenance.

Garden swing

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