UPVC Extreme Windows are the most advanced windows on the market, promising exceptional round-the-clock security and comfort.

Striking the perfect balance between performance and style, the exhilarating Extreme Window offers a range of features and benefits previously unheard of in today’s market. Offering innovative new UPVC and quality glazing, matched with masterfully crafted accessories and hardware, these windows are not only strong, efficient and durable, but they’re also expertly styled and built to last.

Extreme UPVC Windows

A window that stands out from the crowd, we’re proud of our efforts to truly test this range to the Extreme! We know you’ll be hard pressed to find a similar window that offers this combination of; Extreme Security, Extreme Comfort, Extreme Style, Extreme Peace of Mind AND an Extreme Warranty of 20 years.

Our perfectly crafted UPVC profile and modern glazing approach ensures your windows remain fully efficient all year long, meaning you’ll continually save cash on your heating bills and keep the cold firmly outside. As always, the entire Extreme collection comes equipped with a huge range of adaptable colours and styles designed to blend perfectly with your home.

Grey Extreme UPVC Windows
Extreme UPVC Windows


Amber is home to a very wide-ranging selection of window offerings, including classic casements, sliding sash windows and tilt and turns, supplied A+ energy rated as standard.

Cream UPVC Cottage Windows


The casement window is one of the simplest window styles in existence. Available top hung or side hung, it offers a superb outward opening.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows


If you’re looking for a contemporary window design, look no further than a tilt and turn window. You can tilt it open via its bottom or side hinge.

UPVC Sash Windows


Our sliding sash windows have a UPVC profile to establish great strength within their design. Very akin to timber in their appearance, they have a vertical opening.

Do your windows have EXTREME protection?

You don’t want to be worrying about security at home and you won’t need to when you have EXTREME windows installed. An EXTREME window contains up to 11 visible locking points, making it 3 times more secure than an ordinary window.
● EXTREME enhanced security with centre VAULTBOLT and multi cam locking technology.
● EXTREME enhanced durability with UNIQUE superglide gearbox ensures smooth operation.
● EXTREME enhanced COMPRESSION and acoustics with interlocking hinge bolts and optimum weatherseals.

Herculean Hinge

Heavy duty, highly engineered hinges that provide increased load bearing. With anti-crowbar technology and sustained use for a lifetime.

Extreme Locking

Up to 9-point locking system and two high compression hinge bolts to create 360-degree solidity. Also available with enhanced security option designed to meet the requirements of the police-recognised Secured by Design initiative.

Extreme Frame

Highly engineered frames, that encompass 14 chambers (combined sash and frame) to provide supreme thermal performance. Maximum protection against twist and ageing so your windows will look and operate like new for longer.

Extreme Weather Seal

Dual density and high elasticity for twice the standard coverage. Long lasting airtight protection from the elements and added noise reduction.

Ultimate Glass

High performance next generation glass for superb energy efficiency. Ultra-clear outer pane and a super soft coat inner pane. Improved clarity for the perfect view.

Extreme Handles

Our Extreme Handles come in a range of colours to suit your home. Built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.

Windows that will maximise your energy savings...

Have your energy bills shot up in price? It won’t help your cause if your windows provide a poor standard of insulation, so get them replaced. A new window installation from Amber will put an end to the problem.

Heat loss will be vastly reduced and you won’t feel any cold draughts, leaving you with a much warmer home and far more affordable energy bill each month.

White UPVC Windows
Oak Envisage Flush Windows
White UPVC Windows


The next step after selecting a window style is to customise the design so that it fits in with the character of your house and your own personal taste. Amber can give you access to a fabulous selection of finishes, glazing and hardware solutions.

The perfect mix of style and privacy...

In the jigsaw of changing your windows, the glass selection is quite often the missing piece. We don’t want that. We wanted to be able to offer a glass range that could offer the look and visibility you want, be that either complete privacy or an untainted view of the world beyond the window. The Amber team will be there to advise you on your glass journey.

Immaculately crafted handles...

Amber is proud to employ some of the most talented craftspeople in the industry, who each put so much hard work and detail into every individual handle, which you will love using to operate your windows.

The secure locking system that’s built into each handle is designed to stop the windows from being forced open.