If it’s a bright-filled conservatory that you’re after, we suggest checking out our glass roof conservatories.
Our glass roof conservatories are outstanding

Amber is the leading conservatory installer in the region, so no company is more qualified to oversee the design and installation of a glass roof conservatory.

Just inform us of what you want and our skilled team will produce a solution that meets your every requirement, no matter how complex those requirements may be.

Conservatory Living Space
Get involved and go bespoke

You’re not obliged to accept a standard glass roof conservatory. We’re more than happy for you to dictate the design and create a personalised solution.

One of our advisors will present you with all the available options and then leave it to you to decide what you wish to achieve to make your conservatory totally unique.

Modern Conservatory
Glass Roof Conservatory features

Share any ideas you have with our design team, who will listen intently and do whatever they can to realise them. They will want you to get your dream glass roof conservatory.

It can often be helpful if you take some measurements and photographs prior to meeting up with a design consultant. Using this information, they can get a better understanding of what is required and get on with making the glass roof conservatory a reality.

Conservatory Living Space


Our high-performance glass not only works hard to ensure the room temperature is comfortable, but also offers chance to add style thanks to our range of colour options.


We offer a full range of high-security locking systems and accessories to ensure that your home will be protected from the threat of break-ins.


You can add lighting to our glass roof Conservatory thanks to our clever internal and external features. The internal pelmet provides the perfect place for lighting or you can add patio lights to the outside within the external soffit.

Amber Home Improvements will do everything

Don’t think about getting anyone else involved in your glass roof conservatory project as Amber Home Improvement has specialists in all areas.

We also promise to keep you informed of the progress made on your glass roof conservatory, right until the time it’s ready to be used.

Glass Roof Conservatory
Glass Roof Conservatory


A glass roof conservatory is only as good as the finishing touches it receives. It needs a suitable colour, roof glazing and hardware.

Pick out the right form of glazing

We do like to leave our customers spoilt for choice, offering you a range of roof glazing options for our glass roof designs. Whichever glazing takes your fancy, it will be covered under the 20-year guarantee that we hand over.

All of our glass roof systems will keep your conservatory well-insulated and make it a welcoming spot in any weather.

Try a textured woodgrain or stick to a smooth surface finish...

We don’t think it is right or fair to prevent our customers getting the exact colour they want. Amber Home Improvements has the technology and skill needed to develop some really unusual coloured finishes for glass roof conservatories, together with our most standard choice of colours.

Our colour palette is made up of a superb mix of colours, including Whitegrain, White, Cream, Black, Grey, Irish Oak, Chartwell Green and various others.

Using powder-coated aluminium finishes adds texture and richness...

Our aluminium finishes attract a large amount of attention because of how amazing they look in comparison to your normal aluminium finishes. How do you make them so good? That is the question we’re often asked and the explanation is pretty simple.

We put it down to the 11-stage powder-coating process we employ when lavishing the aluminium frames with these dazzling coloured finishes. The woodgrain finishes at Amber (Walnut, Rosewood and Oak) also impress customers.

Cutely crafted handles...
You will be wowed by the level of detail present in our traditional and contemporary crafted handles as our expert craftspeople really put a lot of effort into their design. They will make opening the windows endlessly enjoyable.There is a secure locking system built in each handle, which when in the locked position, will keep your windows securely shut.


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