Create The Classic Ambiance Your New Build Craves

Create The Classic Ambiance Your New Build Craves

There’s an undeniable allure to a new build home—fresh, pristine, and ripe for personalisation.

And yet, some homeowners would prefer a touch of warmth and character reminiscent of traditional properties.

Many choose a new build for their practical advantages, sidestepping property chains, but practicality doesn’t always equate to a preference for their contemporary design.

If you find yourself in possession of or eyeing a new build for its convenience, we can help you give it a more traditional look and feel.

At Amber, we can help you break the mould, setting your home apart from the cookie-cutter new builds on the block.

Get cottage windows installed

Traditional homes are often distinguished by their windows, boasting intricate designs and enduring allure. To bring this essence to your new build, consider our heritage cottage windows.

Our cottage windows combine timeless charm with modern efficiency. Customise them with our designers to capture the traditional look with divided panes and decorative bars.

These heritage windows not only elevate your home’s exterior but also brighten your interiors with natural light, recreating the warmth of traditional residences.

Heritage windows in Anthracite Grey

Choose from our classic finishes

While modern homes often adhere to a predictable palette of whites, creams, and blacks, there lies an opportunity to infuse your new build with a sense of timeless allure.

Picture this: a front door bathed in the soft, muted hue of Chartwell Green, reminiscent of countryside estates.

By embracing the richness of heritage-inspired hues, you not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your new build but also give it a sense of history and character that transcends the fleeting trends of modern design.

Chartwell Green front door

Incorporate vintage-inspired details

From the gentle glow of antique light fixtures to the intricate craftsmanship of ornate door hardware, every vintage-inspired detail adds depth and personality to your new build.

Picture the walls of your new build adorned with vintage artwork, patterned wallpaper, and framed botanical prints, each piece adding a layer of charm and nostalgia.

In a world where new builds often feel impersonal, these vintage-inspired details serve as the soul of your home, creating a real sense of lived-in warmth and character.

An antique lamp

Let the Amber team guide you in transforming your blank canvas of a new build into a space that exudes traditional charm and reflects your individual style. Book an appointment here.


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