We provide one of the best and lengthiest guarantees in the industry. 20 years of cover gives you tremendous peace of mind and an assurance that the product will continuously perform over a considerable period.


At double the industry standard, Amber Home Improvements 20 Year Guarantee offers you complete value for money and, crucially, a lifetime of reassurance.

We’re able to offer such a guarantee because our roofing products are designed and manufactured to remain perfectly functional and completely fit for purpose for at least 20 years. Materials and components have been selected for their inherent durability and our manufacturing processes are second to none. It would simply be a waste if products were replaced after only 5, 10 or even 15 years!

Windows Guarantee


The length of our guarantee falls in line with our Environmental Policy and our desire to ensure that our customers aren’t forced to replace their roof after only a few years’ time. This also helps to reduce over consumption and damaging carbon emissions, as we look to create a greener world.

It’s more than likely that you will only ever need to invest in a replacement conservatory roof once, which is what you would hope for when it requires a strong investment. We don’t believe you should accept a replacement roof with anything but a 20-year guarantee as it’s the least you deserve.

Windows Guarantee


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