Featuring solar control glazing, our replacement glass roof is amazingly robust and resilient, just what your conservatory needs.
Your living space will feel like new again

We’re glad to say that the very old-fashioned polycarbonate and glass roofing systems have been phased out, or at least they have been at Amber.

In their place is our replacement glass roof system which does a fantastic job of retaining internal heat, thanks to the solar control glazing we include. Thermal comfort will never have felt greater than it does after its installation.

It will keep the elements out due to the presence of weatherproofing technology. For easy maintenance, you can ask for self-cleaning or easy-cleaning glass to be added to the system.

Replacement Glass Roofs
A glass-like look…

Our glass roofs are the epitome of contemporary design and will transport a huge amount of natural sunlight directly into your living space. You will love looking at it, but what you will love even more is the view it provides of the skies above.

What was previously a lifeless feeling room will be turned into a space that’s completely re-energised and a far more comfortable place to spend your time.

Replacement Glass Roofs
Our ‘Intelligent’ glazing will make it a space for every season…

Plain Glass Roof – A plain glass roof from Amber will entice in the light and heat of the sun, to leave your living space feeling suitably warm when it needs it most. It will never have felt so airy and the natural appearance of the roof will merge in brilliantly with your home. It’s one of the most fashionable roofing systems you can buy and it will be worth investing in just for the aerial view it provides alone. The whole atmosphere will change from the second a plain glass roof has been fitted, with immense temperature control one of the biggest benefits of all.

Blue Coloured Glass Roof – Our sky blue tinted glass will give your living space a cool look and transform the feel of the room forever. Even on the most overcast of days, that blue tint will add some much-needed colour.


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