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This procedure outlines the procedures followed by Amber Home Improvements Ltd in the event that Amber Home Improvements Ltd should receive a complaint from a customer, relating to works that have either been completed or are in the process of being carried out by Amber Home Improvements Ltd.

Terms & Definitions

Complaints Register – Folder in which customer complaints are documented.

Complaints Manager – Point of contact for resolving and administrating customer complaints. The appointed contact at Amber Home Improvements Ltd is Gavin Payne (Sales Manager).

Amber Complaints Procedures

Complaints Register

Immediately following the receipt of a complaint from a customer, the complaint is logged in the Complaints Register. The Complaints Register is a folder set up for the express purposes of keeping an accurate and chronological record of any complaints received, correspondence/communications that have taken place between Amber Home Improvements Ltd and the homeowner, any actions taken by Amber Home Improvements Ltd to resolve the issues concerned and the outcome of said actions.

The Complaints Register incorporates the following elements:

  • Date-indexing – all complaints are filed in ’date of receipt’ order – that is, in order of the date that the complaint was received, not the date that the works were initiated/completed.
  • Full complainant name, telephone number and address of the installation concerned. In the event that the complaint is being made on behalf of someone else, the full name, address and contact details of the complainant are recorded as well as the relevant details of the customer in question.
  • Brief summary of the works carried out.
  • Brief summary of nature of complaint (workmanship, conduct, time taken, etc).
  • Contract reference number.

The above information is included on a ‘customer complaints sheet’ contained within the complaints register. Each separate complaint utilises a separate sheet. In addition, all relevant correspondence is filed alongside the complaint’s cover sheet including copies of correspondence issued by Amber Home Improvements Ltd.

First Response

Once a complaint has been received and logged within thecomplaints register, it is the responsibility of the Complaints Manager to contact the complainant within 48 hours to discuss the issues raised.

This initial contact will be attempted by telephone, however should it not be possible to speak directly to the complainant via this method then a message will be left (should a messaging service be available) and a letter of acknowledgement despatched to the complainant’s address.

If the complainant is reached at this point of initial contact, the Complaints Manager will first apologise for the issues raised and will attempt to discuss the particulars of the complaint, including any potential resolution of the problems.

It is hoped that most complaints can be resolved at this point of initial contact – the complaints is discussed and actions are proposed by the Complaints manager intended to resolve the complaints to the customer’s satisfaction. These actions are also verified in writing to the complainant.

All contact is documented and dated within the Complaints Register.


As previously stated, it is hoped that the initial communication and subsequent resolution action outlined in agreement with the complainant is sufficient to resolve the complaint. If the complaint related to physical aspects of the installation (eg workmanship, mess left on site, etc) then a date/time will have been agreed with the homeowner for the rectification actions to take place.

In the 24 hours following the rectification work, the Complaints Manager will contact the complainant to discuss the resolution and ensure that the complaint has been resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction. If the complainant agrees that the issues raised have been resolved, then the complaint is closed. The Complaints Manager will despatch a letter to the complainant to verify these discussions. The Complaints Register is subsequently updated to reflect this.

If the complainant is still not satisfied then it will be necessary to escalate the complaint.

Escalation 1 – further resolution

In the event that the proposed resolution does not satisfy the complainant, then it will be necessary for the Complaints Manager to escalate the complaint. The complainant will be invited to submit their grievances in writing so they can be addressed in more detail. Once the Complaints Manager has fully reviewed all aspects of the complaint, contact will once again be made with the complainant to discuss ways of moving forward with the complaint. The Complaints Manager will propose further actions to resolve the complaint which the Complaints Manager feels it is appropriate and in keeping with the extent of the complaint and any culpability on the part of Amber Home Improvements Ltd.

If the actions proposed by the Complaints Manager are agreed by the complainant, this will once again be confirmed in writing and documented in the Complaints Register.

If the complainant is not happy with the actions proposed by the Complaints Manager and/or the Complaints Manager feels that the complainant is being unreasonable in their demands, then it will be necessary for the complaint to be escalated to GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation).

Escalation 2

A complaint is to be referred to GGF in the following circumstances:-

  • If after initial contact and resolution, the complainant is unwilling to agree to any further rectification actions by Amber Home Improvements Ltd.
  • The Complaints Manager of Amber Home Improvements Ltd deems the demands of the complainant to be unfair or the responsibility of the issues raised not the responsibility of Amber Home Improvements Ltd despite the insistence of the complainant.
  • If, after unsuccessful initial resolution, a second attempt at resolving the issues is also unsuccessful.

In such situations, the complainant is advised to contact GGF directly. Amber Home Improvements Ltd agrees to cooperate fully with GGF to assist in resolving the complaint to the satisfaction of all parties concerned, including the provision of copies of our Complaints Register of the complaint in question should GGF request/require this.


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