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The Double Glazing Sales Tactics You Should Look To Avoid

When you’re looking to buy new windows for your home, it’s always recommended that you approach at least three different window companies for quotes.

A bit of shopping around helps you to compare costs and figure out who is offering the best value for money. It will also expose you to the opposing selling tactics used within the double glazing industry.

At Amber, we always demonstrate ethical, honest selling and operate in the best interests of our customers.

Most other window firms have the same ethos, but not all of them, unfortunately.

A very small percentage of window specialists use calculated sales strategies to secure your signature. You will know to dodge them when exposed to any of the following approaches:

Price Conditioning

To mould a price expectation in your head and before giving you a quote, a salesperson will try and get you to disclose what you are expecting to pay by asking questions like “what do you want to pay?” and “what is your budget?”

This is what’s known as ‘price conditioning’.

What they should do is listen to exactly what you want and then give you a genuine quote based on these requirements.

Fake Discounts

There’s never any pressure or obligation to buy when you are supplied with a quote by Amber, and that’s how it should be.

But some will try and pressure you into not taking your business elsewhere by inventing a discount that’s only applicable on that day only.  

They do it to give you the impression that you’re getting a fantastic deal, when that’s probably not the case.

Big Price Drops

For shock value, a salesperson may deliberately inflate the price for the product you want to see how you react.

They won’t be expecting you to agree to it. What they really want is for the price to stun you somewhat so that when they then significantly drop the price, you believe you are getting a great price.

When we give out a quote, you’re getting our best price, right from the off.  

Disparages Other Companies

If someone questioned why you should appoint Amber, we would point towards things like our 20-year guarantee, customer reviews, finance etc.

What we wouldn’t do is just put down the competition and tell a customer not to bother with them, as some salespersons tend to do.

We focus on our own strengths, rather than other companies’ weaknesses, especially when we have so many impressive selling-points.


We’re sure that once you’ve had a showroom or home appointment with Amber, it will convince you that we’re as genuine as they come.

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