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3 Steps That Will Help You Fight Off Condensation At Home

With autumn fast approaching and the weather beginning to change, condensation may have started to show on your windows in the mornings. 

It makes your windows look far from pretty and if you fail to try and stem it, you could eventually end up with mould and mildew forming on them. 

The lingering presence of mould and mildew in your house is not good for your health as it can potentially cause you breathing issues, amongst other afflictions. 

So, condensation needs to be dealt with somehow to stop this coming to fruition. 

Here are three ways to tackle the problem…

Improved ventilation

Too much humidity inside of your house won’t help and you will get a lot of that in your kitchen and bathroom when you’re either cooking or showering / bathroom. 

The solution? Just open several windows to let any humidity escape and fresh air come in. 

Your kitchen and bathroom areas may have an extractor fan. If they do, you want to turn it on to keep them well-ventilated, when needed.

Outdoor drying

When the weather’s warm enough, do as you did during the summer months and hang out any wet washing outside on the line. 

Using your tumble dryer or placing wet clothing on your radiators will only increase humidity levels and cause an excess build up of moisture. 

Hanging it outside will also be better for the environment and your bank account, keeping your energy costs down.

Better temperature control

Did you know that the water droplets manifest when warm air meets the cold surface of glass? 

They’re less likely to appear if you get your temperature control right over the winter, when you should put your heating on a low level and keep it that way. 

Resist the temptation to turn your heating up and down too much, and just find and maintain a comfortable temperature.

If all of that fails to minimise condensation, it’s probably time to upgrade your windows and get double or triple glazing windows installed, which are far less prone to suffering with it. 

Amber Home Improvements will gladly take care of that for you. All you need to do for the moment is get a FREE quote for them.

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