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Our 5 Big Energy Saving Tips For Big Energy Saving Week

If you’re currently looking for ways to save money after an expensive Christmas, begin with your energy bills as there will inevitably be things you can do to bring down their cost.

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This will be pointed out to householders during Big Energy Saving Week, which starts on January 20th.

Established several years ago by Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust, Big Energy Saving Week is an annual national campaign offering advice and support to homeowners to help them make significant energy savings.

Every product supplied and fitted by Amber is energy-saving, so we’re a good place to come to for bill-reducing home improvements. You’ll also save money on energy with these 5 energy saving tips.

  1. Move to a different energy supplier

Britons are forever being told that they should switch energy supplier, and this has seen more people switching than ever before. However, almost a quarter of UK householders admit that they have never changed supplier, which will be hitting them hard in the pocket.

Switching is the simplest thing to do. You just need your most recent energy bill and to input your gas and electricity usage into a comparison site.

A first-time switcher can save around £300 annually, and even perennial switchers can make decent savings each time they change supplier.

  1. Turn off radiators in empty rooms

It makes no sense to heat up a spare room that rarely gets used or indeed any room where you hardly spend any time. No lights should be on in these rooms either.

Only keep the radiators on in the rooms that are regularly occupied e.g. living room and kitchen, and completely shut the main door into them to stop too much heat escaping.

  1. Don’t overcharge your mobile devices

We’re so dependent on our mobile devices that we almost always have something on charge e.g. laptop, mobile phone, tablet.

Keep checking them when they’re on charge, and as soon as the battery reaches 100%, remove the plug, or flick the off switch, as they will continue to consume energy if they are left on charge. It will also drain the battery and reduce the life of the device.

  1. Ask your energy supplier for a smart meter

Energy suppliers are now obliged to supply their customers with a smart meter, if they request one.

A smart meter will enable you to keep tabs on your energy usage and how much it is costing you in pounds and pence. It will also put an end to any estimated bills and give you a more precise bill at the end of every month or quarter. Put it somewhere it can be seen by everyone.

  1. Get energy efficient windows and doors

What will save you most money and energy is replacing your existing single glazed windows and doors for energy efficient windows and doors from Amber.

Our extreme window range is A+ energy rated as standard and our replacement doors are also highly effective at minimising heat loss and keeping more of the warmth that comes out of your boiler contained.

Request a copy of our Windows & Doors brochure to discover how else they will benefit your home.







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